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Sweater Weather is Here!


Yay! Fall is finally here! and it’s time to bring out the sweaters!

There’s nothing more cozy than a soft, cuddly sweater to keep the chill out.

Victoria and Myah are wearing what I call, Statement Sweaters. A sweater with a bold print or stripes that can be mix and matched to create several looks.

Here, Victoria pairs her multi-striped, draped cardigan with slim jeans and knee high boots for a casual, yet pulled together look. She can easily replace the jeans with a pant or skirt and tights that pull out one of the many colors found in her sweater and add a heeled shoe or still wear her boots for a more casual, yet dressed up look.


Myah also chose a multi-stripped sweater, but hers is a duster length in classic fall colors.


Myah paired her duster sweater with tight, dark jeans, a simple tank and suede wedge booties.

This look could be dressed up by replacing the tank with a jean collar shirt or silk blouse in a hue that is featured in the sweater.

I love that her suede booties are a close tone to her dark jeans and gives her a long, lean look.


Stripes are an amazing pattern to mix and match with, but look for animal prints, floral and geometric prints as well to make a statement and dont forget to dress them up and dress them down with your choice of shoes or boots and pairing pieces.

So, get in your closet ladies and pull out those sweaters and make a statement!


Hilary’s Fall Subtle Rocker Chic Style


Hilary is so Rocker Chic!

She chose low rise jeans, a well worn denim vest and biker style boots with studded details to showcase her many tattoos and back dermal piercings.

hilarysdermal hilarytatsblur

To soften the hardness of the denim she added a flowy laced edged top.


She kept her make up soft and her hair long and tousled.


Her only accessory besides her studded biker boots is a simple double coiled bracelet.


Men’s Street Style


Raven| Sherman, Texas





Fine Tuning the Focus


Sometimes we need to step back so we can get a sharper focus.

That’s what I am doing with Slow Town Chic,

bringing my vision into a finer focus and the getting ready to bring that to you!

You will see new faces and new topics as well as a lot of new and original content.

So, please stay tuned!

  I am a huge fan of mineral make up and use it on a daily bases in my own makeup routine. So, when Earth Mineral Cosmetics gave me the opportunity to review their products,I was really excited! I received a beautiful box generously sized products to play with.


Here are the products I tried.

These are mineral based products that are hand blended and packaged.


As I am well experienced with mineral makeup,I jumped right in and dipped my brushes in and got to work,or play as I see it. My first impression of the foundations were, they are light,but have a slight gritty texture, but upon blending,the gritty feeling smoothed out. The blush was also quite light and did not carry a lot of pigment,but I found that it is very good as a highlighter as it had a glow to it. One of the stand out products for me was the concealer. I have a lot of issues finding a concealer that’s right for my skin has been a real problem. This concealer is one of the best I have ever tried! I am excited because it was a perfect texture for my dry, aging skin. Yay! I tried the eyeshadows next. I usually go for darker colored shadows ,but I forged on in working them across my eyelids. There was not a lot of pigment of notice for me,but if you like a light touch, then this is a good shadow. I wanted also give the shadows the ‘wet’ test and to my surprise, I loved the result! It became like a foiled finish and I loved how it worked as a liner when wet. The last product and my pick of these products was the Lip Balm. I am a lip balm fanatic and I am really picky about feel,texture and if it is a tinted balm,the color payoff. My pet peeve with lip balms that are tinted ones has to be the shimmer that a lot add. Most end up glittery. But, this lip balm, is as perfect as I have found! The feel and texture is light, but more like a gloss. The shimmer is beautiful and catches the light and enhances you lips in a gorgeous way.


My picks of these products go to the tinted Lip Balm and the Concealer!

I think these products are perfect for someone wanting to keep natural ingredients in their beauty products, or someone who wants a more no make makeup look and as well as new makeup wears as mineral makeup has a better ease of application.

Thank you Earth Mineral Cosmetics for furnishing these products!

You can contact Earth Mineral Cosmetics at

you can find these products at

A Slow Town Chic Affordable Beauty Pick


My Brow Miracle


Slow Town Chic Personal Picks

Slow Town Chic Personal Picks

Gifts for Foodies

Gifts for Foodies

Food drink
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Italian gift basket

Food drink
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Food drink

Tart collection

Food drink

Fruity white wine

Champagne truffle
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Gift basket

Food drink

Gift set

Red Velvet Cheesecake

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