I never thought I would be among the many women who could call themselves a divorcee. I do now though because that’s what I am.This journey is a year old for me this week. So many things happen in a years time.
I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve learned that I am not built to be alone.I know now,I am someone who needs to be connected daily with someone special. After a long marriage and a houseful of children,I am starting over. I’ve done things this last year that I never imagined I would want or need to do. There have been some not so good things too,but they are a all apart of who I am becoming. When I look bad over this last year, I see things that I wish I had done differently and things I wish I had been more open to.
I can’t change any of those things,I can only move forward and make different choices with the greater knowledge I have now.
I believe we never should stop being open to learning,trying new things and letting love find us.
This next year,I hope when I look back at the end of it,that I will find that I have lived it better than the year past. That’s my goal.
This next year holds so much possibility.
I want this next year to be the year of building and growing.
This is my place to grow and learn and hopefully you will come visit me often.
I hope to create a place we can all sit back and get comfortable and feel at home and chat and learn a few things.I have a certain view of the world. It’s a more classic,chic and comfortable view. That’s what I aim to display here. A chic life,style and existence.
Thank you for coming,I hope we become great friends,we can never have enough great friends in our lives.