Social media is great for a lot of things. It’s great for making new friends and enemies you never would have met otherwise. Social media is good for being inadequate for giving us a real look at each others lives. We identify with others by the labels we know,like mommy,actor,computer geek,super hero lover,you get the point,but do we stereotype people only based on what we see on social media? My label right now is aspiring Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger. That label conjures up certain stereotypes. It probably makes people think I am shallow and only care about looks and shopping. It possibly says that I am self centered or judgmental. That’s so far from the truth.
I struggle myself with saying I am a fashion blogger. Why? My bigger picture, all the things I am may not come across from what you see on social media. I never want my labels to misrepresent who I am. Fashion is so much about surface things. I have struggled so much with perusing this genre. My heart functions on such a deep level,that it bothers me to come off as only being concerned with surface issues.I hope that I am able to mix real life and the fashion world together. I am trying to find my place in the fashion blogging world. I don’t think I fit the typical cubbie hole. I don’t want to be typical. I am many things,and I have lived a life so far that has taught me a great many things about the harsh realities of life. I want to encompass all of that. I don’t want my presence to only be about shoes, eyeliner and silverware patterns,but everything life can and does throw at us. Social media demands that we use tags to make us searchable. Here’s to tagging ourselves honestly. #human #hopeful #mother #grandmother #crier #goofy #fallible #guiltyridden #strogerthaniknewiwas #humble #grateful #designer #divorced #inloveagain #scaredshitless #goodfriend #tootrusting #makingthiscrazylifelivable #escapeddomesticviolence #open #encourager #proudnative #fibromyalgiasufferer #changeable #fashionandlifestyleblogger #businesswoman #mykidhasbipolar #kidshavemarfanssyndromeitsucks