I am a huge fan of mineral make up and use it on a daily bases in my own makeup routine. So, when Earth Mineral Cosmetics gave me the opportunity to review their products,I was really excited! I received a beautiful box generously sized products to play with.


Here are the products I tried.

These are mineral based products that are hand blended and packaged.


As I am well experienced with mineral makeup,I jumped right in and dipped my brushes in and got to work,or play as I see it. My first impression of the foundations were, they are light,but have a slight gritty texture, but upon blending,the gritty feeling smoothed out. The blush was also quite light and did not carry a lot of pigment,but I found that it is very good as a highlighter as it had a glow to it. One of the stand out products for me was the concealer. I have a lot of issues finding a concealer that’s right for my skin has been a real problem. This concealer is one of the best I have ever tried! I am excited because it was a perfect texture for my dry, aging skin. Yay! I tried the eyeshadows next. I usually go for darker colored shadows ,but I forged on in working them across my eyelids. There was not a lot of pigment of notice for me,but if you like a light touch, then this is a good shadow. I wanted also give the shadows the ‘wet’ test and to my surprise, I loved the result! It became like a foiled finish and I loved how it worked as a liner when wet. The last product and my pick of these products was the Lip Balm. I am a lip balm fanatic and I am really picky about feel,texture and if it is a tinted balm,the color payoff. My pet peeve with lip balms that are tinted ones has to be the shimmer that a lot add. Most end up glittery. But, this lip balm, is as perfect as I have found! The feel and texture is light, but more like a gloss. The shimmer is beautiful and catches the light and enhances you lips in a gorgeous way.


My picks of these products go to the tinted Lip Balm and the Concealer!

I think these products are perfect for someone wanting to keep natural ingredients in their beauty products, or someone who wants a more no make makeup look and as well as new makeup wears as mineral makeup has a better ease of application.

Thank you Earth Mineral Cosmetics for furnishing these products!

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